The Sunday Reader: Issue 2

Woo, Issue 2! So far, so good. Without much more ado, let's jump in:

1. Orkgasm at the Astronomican forums has some amazing talent with a brush. He recently finished a model from Privateer Press named Syntherion. Just stunning, absolutely stunning.

1. I played a FoW game this past Thursday! It went ok, resulting in us calling it a draw. heychadwick's Fortified Panzergrenadier list really chewed up my 1st Infantry Division.

3. Wargames Illustrated has some articles on their website. A select few, mind, but they're really handy!  I am going to try and make the windmill from this article.

4. Want to make your own airbrush stencils? Check this out. Not for the faint of heart.

5. Want to make a building and fancy a challenge? You'll want to see this article the guys at Battlefront have at their website for building a European townhouse.

I hope you lot enjoy!


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