Dice masters Boosters

One of the Joys of Dice Masters is getting hold of some booster packs to see what you can get to add to your forces.  The fact that all the sets are compatible means you can grab a nice variety of them and see what you get! you opened a superman? stick him with a red dragon and Wolverine, as you can in this game.  So here's an idea of some of the cards you can pick up in boosters. with a mix of Justice League, Age of Ultron, and Dungeons and Dragons sets. you can add them into your core starter sets such as The Amazing Spiderman or DC War of Light or even Dungeons & Dragons
In each booster you get 2 cards of different rarity, a grey line above the text is common, green is uncommon, and yellow is rare.  I started with a couple of these Justice league boosters and got....

an uncommon Shazam and his funky dice, and a common Booster Gold.
In the next pack a common katana and a common Captain Cold.
Captain Colds dice Is really nice, its a clear ice blue colour, very thematic. some good pulls from those, very happy to add some variety.
Now onto the D&D packs, hopefully something good will come out of these
A Rare Carrion Crawler was a great  start, and a common Elf Wizard, very happy.  One of the positive things is the dice work for all the levels of that character, rare or common, so its always worth getting extra dice, even if you have the same card already.
A common orc, and a common human Paladin, very happy as I wanted more dice of these types.
a common magic sword, and a rare Skeleton from the next pack, very happy with the Skeleton, I have a common one, so the rare and an extra dice for him, very good!
last pack an uncommon Owl Bear, which is super cool, I mean an Owl Bear... how can it not be liked! then Prismatic Spray rare, which is perfect as it provides another dice for my spell.  Very happy with the draws from these one, some really great cards have come out of these to expand the collection.
Lastly 2 packs of Marvel Age of Ultron, in the first pack came out a common Maria Hill, and a common Jocasta., then a common Wasp and a common Ultron, again very happy, its nice to get some variety into the game for me, so all draws are god draws!  so what has been your best pair of cards you have pulled from a booster? maybe not the most rare or powerful, but that combo of favourite characters you wanted.


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