Elder Signs Omens digital game reveiw

I love Elder signs the board game, so when I found out there was a digital one I could play on my phone I was pretty excited and I picked it up.

Something terrible has begun to awaken within our museum… a something unsatisfied with mere exhibition or human study, writhing with ancient evil and terrible purpose. An entity that must, at all costs, be prevented access to our world. From my studies, I am convinced that such dangers are not new to the human experience. The very fact that humanity survives to this day, I attribute to our forefathers' success in resisting the tormented realities beyond our own. Among the rarities I have been fortunate enough to uncover, one particular emblem seems significant. A symbol of purported resistive faculty and considerable power. They called it the Elder Sign.
Elder Sign: Omens is an application for your iOS, Mac OS X, or Android device that delivers the tense excitement of Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson’s popular dice game to a digital medium. Its detailed, intuitive interface will have you investigating in minutes, while its deep and engaging gameplay provides countless hours of otherworldly horror.
Is it any good? well.....

the art on the game is fantastic, I love how it uses the same art style as the board game, so it feel seamless.
The layout as well is very thematic, it shows a amp of the museum with the tasks on them as it comes up
The layout is clear, and the game is easy to play even if you have no experience of the board game. 
Tasks are well represented graphically, and you do get the choice of the full roster of investigators.  some things I do not like are that when each Ancient one wake up you have no option to fight them, you just lose the game.  I also dislike the fact that half of the ancient ones are locked and can only be unlocked with an in app purchase.  That left me feeling a bit.. meh at first since of course Cthulu himself requires a purchase. 

While Elder Sign: Omens brilliantly conveys the spirit of the Elder Sign dice game, there are a few noteworthy differences. Its streamlined card effects and simplified inventory options take the bookkeeping out of your eldritch adventures, helping you focus on ridding the world of ancient evils from beyond. And you’ll need every bit of concentration you can muster. Elder Sign: Omens features monsters of increased difficulty and more potent negative effects (with a decreased frequency of “no effect” cards) with every stroke of midnight.
Overall though, the game is the same, just with less token rummaging and management.  You can play it solo controlling up to 4 investigators, or a play and pass version.  Its a great way to hone up on the rules as well, since you cant cheat on a digital version.  It feels harder then the board game version, which is a nice challenge, and playing one of my favourite board games on the go means I can overlook the irritating in app purchases.
all in all, beautifully presented, with a great musical score its a fun game that can absorb plenty of your time, or you can play a quick turn as it auto saves. great for bus journeys, breaks at work, or anywhere else!  If you love the board game its a great way to play on the go, if you have never played the board game, its still an excellent game to try!


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