Star Trek Attack wing IRW Vorta Vor build

I get to look at one my favourite little ships in the form of the TOS Romulan Bird of Prey.  with one of my favourite Romulan captains to.   Same rules as always 50pts or less and only the in pack cards are used.
Its a cool ship and a great model, yes it does not hit hard like the big ships do like the Galaxy, but this is a TOS era ship, and it can still be useful with the right build... so lets see

I started with the named ship, as its cheap as chips, and still useful.  True not much hull shields or firepower, but there are ways around these things.  The Vors ability allows you a free sensor echo if you do a green manoeuvre, so with the right planning this can be an incredibly nimble ship and get where you need to be.  You do not need to sling this into the main battle line, let it flank, let it lurk until you need it, set up your shots in advance, it will pay with this ship.

For Captains the lovely Liviana, she gives you a good captain skill, an elite talent and the ability to potentially stop a cewman being disabled, so she will work well with Tal.  For her Elite talent you can discard the card and spend your target lock for an additional plus 2 dice, so there is more firepower when you need it.  When combined with Tal as well and range one this little ship can be throwing out 6 dice in an attack.  Advanced cloaking allows you to keep your cloak when you do attack, and this ship is fragile, so the added agility boost from being cloaked is a big help.  Tal is there to attack ship that have scanned and add firepower.  The last upgrade we have is Plasma Torps, to just give a little punch to the ship when needed.

All in all a cheap ship with some nice ability's, and a flanking threat not to be ignored!


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