Star Trek Attack Wing IRW Terix ship build

In  this ship build article we take a look at the Terix for the mirror faction.  As always no more then 50 points in the build, and only using the cards that come with it, then we look at the role it will perform in the fleet.  So the build first....
We start with the Named Terix.  Her ability to grant a scan after a green move will help lower the targets defence to try and get the maximum damage through, plus she is a solid ship, good stats all across, and can cloak as well. 

For captain we have Tomalek, he lets

you re-roll all your blanks when you attack with your primary weapon if you have a scan next to your ship, giving you an almost free Target Lock.  When you pair this with the additional phaser array weapon upgrade at range one you are rolling 5 dice and re-rolling blanks.  What about battlestations? well the only way to utilise it is the Elite Talent deception, you need to make sure you are at point blank range to get the most effect from this.  Once discarded it gives you a battlestations token.  So you cloak and manoeuvre up to your target till you are able to green manoeuvre into range 1.  This gives you a free scan token.  You roll to hit with your 5 dice, 3 normal, 1 from range 1, and 1 from additional phaser array.  You then re-roll your blanks, so if you are lucky everything should be hits crits or battlestattions.  Then you can burn your battlestatsions token to convert them into more hits hopefully delivering a crippling barrage.

Taibak is there to take away any crew your opponent has that has good abilities as you add them to your ship, or to stop crew combos that work.  It would be well worth using him to get Riker or Spock on board with their abilities.

Its a solid ship, it can lead the line, or flank just as well, as it has good moves, and great stats, it will be a solid addition to your mirror fleet.


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