TIE Interceptor unboxing for X-Wing Miniatures game

The finest mass-produced starfighter of its time, the TIE interceptor excels at dogfighting thanks to its heightened manoeuvrability, increased speed, and four wing-mounted laser cannons.  With its iconic pointed wings the TIE Interceptor is in my opinion the best looking of the Imperial TIE line ships.
Lets crack the pack open and see what this adds to your forces....

As you can see she is fast, very fast, and very very manoeuvrable, with a great range of green turns, and two different K turns providing the only red manoeuvres on the dial.  As always, plenty of high quality card tokens for you to add.
The TIE/IN has good firepower, agility and hull, but no shields, meaning it can potentially be taken out in one round by an Xwing, so you need to be careful with her.  You get the Focus, barrel roll, boost and evade action meaning you should be able to position yourself out of arc of your opponent to hit them hard and keep your fragile self safe.

 We get 3 named pilots in this pack.  Starting with the skill 9 Soontir Fel. When he receives a stress token you also get a focus token meaning you can K turn and still hit hard.  Turr Phennir is my favourite in this pack with skill 7 he is still up there, and his ability allows you even more manoeuvrability, by allowing you a free boost action or barrel roll after you perform an attack meaning you can either position yourself for the next round better, or get out of arc of lower skill pilots before they fire.  Fels Wrath is skill 5, and his ability is that when the damage cards exceed your hull value you are not destroyed until the end of the turn instead of instantly, allowing you to just hang in that bit longer to return fire.

We also get the boost reminder card and the Saber, Avenger and Alpha squadron pilots to provide cheaper lower skill options.

You only get 2 upgrade cards in the pack.  Elusiveness lets you take a stress whilst defending to force the attacker to reroll one dice.  This could potentially save you from one damage, or remove that critical hit.  Daredevil allows you as an action to perform a hard 1 turn and receive a stress, which can be very useful again at getting you in the right position to strike with the least resistance.

I love how this ship looks, it looks fast, and lethal as it should.

 From every angle its nice looking, and the paint job is as always excellent

 This is a must have ship for any Imperial player, its great looking, and provides a much needed firepower boost over the standard TIE fighters.


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