TIE Advanced X1 Builds for Xwing miniatures Game

Just taking a quick look here at the best out of your TIE Advanced and pilots.  This has to be one of the easiest builds out there, if you are not flying Vader, and he has only 2 upgrade slots, then there is no point flying the Advanced.

He is in my opinion the best pilot in the game. with skill 9 he is on par with Han Solo, but the fact he gets two actions a turn give him the edge.  You can use this to target lock and focus in the same turn more maximum firepower potential, or barrel roll and evade, or any combination of them.  Adding Cluster missiles give him some more punch, a 3 dice attack you can make twice? yes please, and the fact you can maximise it by target locking and doing a focus action in the same turn, you can launch these from long range as you close in and finish off your prey. To finish off his build we can have either......

Swarm tactics, where you can nominate another ship at range 1 to be of equal pilot skill to you, making your little Academy pilot TIEs suddenly a lot scarier.  The other option you can go for is
Squad Leader.  it costs one of your actions, but since you have 2 its not too much of a problem, but provided another friendly ship a free action, making sure you can get whatever is needed where ever it is needed. 

Vader is a beast, he can lead your squad and going flying into the middle of combat, or he can flank, he's powerful and tough, and a clear include in any Imperial fighter list.


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