Star Trek Attack Wing USS Defiant Federation unboxing

The USS Defiant (NX-74205) was a 24th century Federation Defiant-class starship operated by Starfleet. This was the prototype of the class and the second Federation ship known to bear the name Defiant.

Development on the Defiant began around 2366 in response to the Borg threat. Although officially classified as an escort vessel, the Defiant was nothing less than Starfleet's first design of warship; intended to fight, and ultimately defeat, the Borg. The vessel featured minimal equipment for scientific research and was not designed to accommodate families. (DS9: "The Search, Part I")
Launched in 2370, on stardate 47538.5, from the Antares Ship Yards, the Defiant's trial runs did not end well for Starfleet. The vessel was overpowered and over-gunned for a ship of its size - so much so that the Defiant nearly shook itself apart when the engines were tested at full power.
She may have flaws, but she has teeth."
– Benjamin Sisko, 2371
Ultimately these design flaws, combined with the Borg threat becoming less urgent, led Starfleet to the decision to abandon the project and place the prototype in storage. Until the Dominion threat, and of course it appeared to reinforce the Federation on my tabletop.

I love this ship, its not the usual sleek exploration vessel that's super advanced and perfect.  It is super advanced, but its all touchy and temperamental, and a pure war ship.  And it does it well.
Lets take a peak at the goodies.
 You get all the usual card token goodness, but this is THE Defiant, so lets at the meat of the pack....

Its a nimble ship, and the only federation ship of the line with a come about, adding some variety to your fleet.  Some people say the ships attack of 3 is too low, I disagree, this is a destroyer, it doesn't carry the comparative big guns of a Sovereign class, so I think its appropriate, yes I would have liked more, but it work I understand why.  2 agility is good for a federation ship, and with the right load out this can be a very agile ship. 3 hull wont keep you alive that long, but 4 shields means it out of the one shot range for most ships.  The ships special ability of converting all criticals it receives into regular hits makes it a "tough little ship"

We have the generic captain of course, but who cares? this comes with Ben Sisko!!! possibly the coolest captain in Trek, Sisko is one smooth operator.  Each round he can re roll one attack or defence dice giving you a nice choice as a passive ability.  He also has one elite talent.  Next for captains we have Kira, yes has the Bajoran faction, but does not pay a penalty to be on a Federation ship.  Her ability can come in handy to save crew.  The elite talents in this pack are great for the price, Attack pattern Delta is a disable to reroll all your defence dice, handy to keep you alive and can be reused.  For offence the ship comes with Attack pattern Omega, which is brutal, if you roll a crit on the enemies hull you can discard this to pull out a warp core breach card straight away.  normally I do not care for discard cards, but this one is so brutal it can turn a game a cripple a ship, if you slip a critical warp core breach through on a cloaking ship it can detonate the next turn, I have had it happen to me.  Or it forces your opponent to use an action to fix it and they can only move at speed one.

For crew we have another version of Miles O`Brien.  His action is to repair two shields at the cost of no attack.  Handy to keep you alive! Jadzia Dax, who can provide some more movement to position yourself out of arc, evade, or line yourself up for the next turn.  Last crew we have is Worf.  Yes I DO think he should have come as a captain on the Defiant, but since I will always be taking Sisko, I can live with it, just.  He can stop enemy ships hitting you as hard but forcing them to roll 2 less dice.
We get the choice of Photon torpedoes, or Quantum Torps for extra punch.  The nice toy in the pack though is of course the Cloaking Device.  It can only be put on the USS Defiant with out paying a stupid high penalty.  You can disable it to cloak and gain the sensor echo action as well as the full bar making this a multi role ship. you can line up the right shots with the sensor echo, and if it gets too tough drop the cloak and get stuck in.
 Shes such a lovely looking ship, totally different from the normal federation shape, all squat and purposeful
 Its actually quite a nicely detailed model, though suffers from the normal not great paintjob
 if you spent some time, or just a wash she would come up lovely!
detailed even underneath.

Comes with a great mission, protect the alpha quadrant, which will have to get a battle report as it is rather different to the norm.

A great ship pack, and a must have, especially if you loved Deep Space 9.


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