Star Trek Attack Wing USS Valiant ship build

Today we take a trip to the Utopia Planitia ship yards to take a look at fitting out the USS Valiant for battle.  She's a Defiant Class, so is very manoeuvrable for a Federation ship already, but what can we do to make the most from her?  Using the usual rules of nor more then 50 points, and only using the cards in the pack.
Lets take a look and see what we have and how we can use her.....

We start as always with the named USS Valiant.  She has pretty solid all around stats, and is pretty manoeuvrable, having the ability to do a come about unlike most Federation ships.  Her named ability lets you discard your torpedoes when firing them to gain an extra attack dice.  I am not sure how ofte I would use that, but in the right circumstances when you feel all it needs is hat extra dice, its their as a passive option.
For Captain we have Tim Watters, he adds another crew slot to the bar (which we wont be needing here) but his action allows you to remove all disabled tokens from all your crew upgrades will prove very handy indeed.  Red Squad is his elite talent, you can stack up either evade, scan or battle stations tokens on the card, you can only have an amount the same as the amount of crew you have on-board, so in this case it would be 3.  In the activation phase you can take one of the tokens from the card and add it to your ship.  This will provide plenty of versatility.  I will stack up with battle stations myself as they are most useful, and you can Target lock for your main action, re roll blanks and use the battle station to convert battle station results to hit to try and maximise damage.

For weapons we have Photon Torpedoes, with an attack of 5.  A great example of using your red squadron battle stations token to maximise effect.  in the crew slots we have Dorian Collins.  If you suffer any damage to your hull you can disable her to repair a shield.  Handy as its reactive, and gets your shields back up to give you a bit more survivability and resistance to critical hits as well.  Karen Ferris can be disabled instead of spending a target lock when firing a torpedo.  Handy as it helps keep that lock on your target for another volley.  Nog is very useful, as his action has two options.  You can disable him to repair one damage to your hull or shields (works well with Dorian) or if you execute a red manoeuvre you can disable him to remove an auxiliary power.

The Valiant is a solid ship, she can fight in the line, mix it up with other ships with the survivability from Dorian, and Nog.  She can also flank well with her hard hitting torpedoes, and highly manoeuvrable dial, going behind the lines, and doing come about to keep your targets in site.


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