Star Trek Attack Wing Kumari Andorian battle cruiser ship build.

In this Ship build article we find ourselves deep in Andorian space, looking at the Kumari Androrian Battle Cruiser.  It is one of my favourite models, its just great looking.  As with all the build articles, no more than 50 points, and only using the cards that come in the pack.
Lets take a closer look and see what she can do......

We start with the named Kumari.  she lets you take a scan or evade action even whilst you have an auxiliary power, which is great as you do not have to worry too much about your actions after a red move.  She is a fairly nimble ship, with good stats too.

For Captain we have Thy'Lek Shran.  He is skill 6, and his ability is innate and each time you take an evade or scan action a friendly ship within range 1 also gets the appropriate one as a free action, though at the cost of an auxiliary power token by your ship, so he's great for formation flying.

For Weapon upgrades we have the particle cannon array.  Its attack 4, range 1-3 and only has 2 time tokens, so its a boost over your primary weapons, does not use your target lock, and is good long range firepower as you close the distance.

The other weapon is the attack 5 advanced weaponry.  Again its range 1-3, requires a target lock and 3 time tokens to recharge.  If you inflict a critical damage you may search the deck for either a munitions failure, or weapons malfunction, reducing the amount of return fire available.

Its a good solid ship, it can fight in the line, or flanks, its manoeuvrable, and has excellent weapon upgrades for long ranged combat.


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