Star Wars Armada Gladiator class Star Destroyer ship build

Today we are looking at what the Gladiator class Star Destroyer can do, and some good builds for her.
Lets take a closer look at her upgrades, and roles in the fleet.

I prefer the class I gladiator, she provide the best mix of firepower for points compared the class II due to her having mainly black armament dice you want to be close, so diluting one on the sides to a red is in my opinion counter productive.

The title Demolisher allows you to fire, then move, and fire again, this is great as you can change position to bring other arcs into play if you need to.  you do not have to do it, but it adds some flexibility to your plan.  Assault Concussion missiles add extra splash damage to adjacent hull zones if you hit with a black critical, and with the amount of dice this ship throws out there is a good chance this will go off regularly.  Combine this with the Demolishers ability to shoot move and shoot again, meaning you can spread damage out potentially over almost the whole ship.

Engine techs can be exhausted to add an extra manoeuvre when you need it, which is a great flexible ability as if you need to be arc, use them, if you do not, then you do not have to worry.

The gladiator is in its element when it at point blank range of its targets, so with its speed it can either come in from a flank, or move slowly up in formation with some Victory class ships to give it some cover and support before diving into the middle of the melee.


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