Star Trek Attack Wing Enterprise The original Series constitution class Builds.

As always I will stick to the 50pt limit for my build here. its a cheap ship but is actually really easily to spend crazy points on this little ship!  So here is my load out of choice!

There is a lot of gear on this ship so lets look closer....

First we have the named ship, her ability to still do an action whilst having aux power (stress for xwingers) on her is handy.  For captain it has to be Kirk, with his high skill and  talents he can provide some handy skills since his talents are face down no one will know what he has until they are used.

Here we have those talents... Cheat death, awesome.  When your ship is destroyed discard it to bring you back to full hull minus one. with it face down no knows its there, combined with scotty who can fix your shields up you can take a beating!.  Then the Cochrane manoeuvre, basically allows a one come about (K turn for xwingers) real handy if someone's on your tail close. plus of course Kirk gets them for 3 points each instead of 5 because, well he's Kirk.  Then we have some good old Photon torpedoes to add a bit more firepower.
Next to crew....
First we have Mr Spock, makes scanning well worth it and basically means you never need to use battlestations, as it not only drops the targets evade by 1 dice as all scans do, but it allows you to convert all battlestations into hits and its not an action for that so its basically two actions a turn!. Scotty is there to get you more firepower, or more shields, handy combined with cheat death you can get out of there and rack some shields up before coming back to the fray.  Finally Uhura, she allows you to discard her to change your manouver for this round. worth keeping for those vital kill shots, or when, as captain skill 9 you will  be mostly moving last you can set up that range 1 killer shot.

an expensive build for sure, but with plenty of punch and tricks as Kirk should be!


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