Satr Trek Attack Wing USS Enterprise Refit ship Build

Todays ship build is the Enterprise refit, and as always it follows all the usual build rules I have, no more then 50pts, and only the cards in the pack.
There are plenty of options to play with in this pack so lets dive right in.

The first build here has all sorts of fun going on, we use the named ship of course which has good shields, good hull and average firepower.  Its action allows it to up the firepower though at cost of shields, so if you are in the right position you can crank out a lot of dice.  Crewman Sulus action helps you get in the right position! he allows you to do a sensor echo not cloaked, very useful!.  For captain I went with Spock, he allows a free target lock or scan, to maximise firepower and a free action is always great.  For his elite talent we have the needs of the many, which allows  you to discard it and a crew member (probably Saavik as she is situational) to restore up to 3 shields bringing you right back into the fight.  Chekov allows the rerolls for firepower to give you maximum effect, and photons are there to throw some punch. With spocks free action, and checkovs rerolls it should hit hard.  Topping the build off is Admiral kirk to add a plus 2 to Spocks skill and have his action to disable enemies upgrades if needed.
One change here to the original build, brings McCoy onboard as he can re-enable those crew you need like Chekov and saavik again.

Its a solid dhip that can punch above its weight with its skills and action economy of spock.  Im looking forward to running her out for battle!


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