Star Trek Attack Wing Trager and Assimilated Vessel 64758 Borg and Dominion Builds

We look at the builds we can do with this ship, or to be more accurate these ships.  I do one for the Dominion, and one for the Dominion Borg version.  As always, I keep within 50 points and use only cards from the pack itself.

First we look at the Dominon build.  The Thr Trager can add some defence bonus, with its inbuilt ability to use its shields to soak hits, Glinn Daro can make sure the shields stay up.  Gul Macet adds firepower, and allows you to use Truce which again makes this ship very survivable.  It is powerful in offence, and defence, but like all Galor`s turns like a cruise ship.  It does have a wide 180 degree front arc though for a good wide range of fire.

Next the Borg....

 Here we have a powerful Borg build, Neural link is not much use at the moment, but when I expand the Borg fleet it will be very useful!  Glinn Daro is on here as it is a dual faction ship to provide repairs, and the charges to launch at selected targets.
You can run it Borg pure as well if you wish, just take out Daro.

Some fun builds to toy with, here a good addition to my Dominion fleet, and the start of a Borg one.


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