A-Wing Unboxing for X-Wing Miniatures game

Super fast, highly manouverable and conceived by General Dodonna, the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor proved its worth by crippling Star Destroyers during the Battle of Endor.
Lets see what the Awing adds to your fleet...

As with all FFG games, it comes with plenty of high quality card tokens, and a rules guide to explain the boost action.  This lets do you an extra 1 speed manoeuvre as an action.

As you can see the Awing is fast, really fast, and has a 3 and a 5 k turn.

She doesn't have great firepower, but it is the same as a TIE fighter, she does have good agility, low hull and low shields, so she is fragile.  Named pilots wise we have Tycho Celchu with a high skill of 8.  His ability is excellent, it lets you perform actions from your action bar even whilst stressed, so he can hammer around not having to worry about K turning or any stress, and with the choices of focus, target lock, boost and evade being able to always do those actions is great.  Arvel Crynyd is skill 6, and lets you declare targets you are touching that re still in your firing arc as a target.  This is nice and thematic as you can crash into ships and still shoot them unlike normally.

Rounding it out we have the Green squadron pilot, and the prototype pilot providing lower cost and lower skill options to round out your forces.

You get some good upgrades in this pack.  Deadeye allows you to treat weapons that require a target lock to use your focus to fire instead of the target lock, which means you can use your target lock for re-rolls, or keep the focus to attack, or unleash a weapon attack.  Push the limit lets you perform a free action once per turn from your bar after you have performed an action at the cost of a stress token. This combined with Tycho is just excellent, he can put out two actions a turn and not care about collecting stress.

Concussion missiles are a 4 attack weapon that lets you change a blank into a hit.  Homing missiles are another 4 attack missile weapon that stops your opponent using any evade tokens to nullify hits.
Cluster missiles are a 3 attack weapon, that lets you attack the same target twice with them.

all the missile upgrades are excellent and add some much needed punch to the little ship making it a much more scary prospect whilst it has them loaded.

The ship is great looking with an excellent paint job.
She looks just how she should from the films, all big engines and streamlined like she is designed for pure speed, which she was.

The Awing is an excellent addition to the rebel forces, she is fast and can dogfight well, she can zoom ahead of your lines, or stay in formation with slower ships until she needs to zip off and outpace them.

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