Thursday, 8 March 2018

Star Trek Attack Wing USS Equinox Ship Build

Welcome to today's ship build.  we look at the USS Equinox, and see what we can come up with using the cards in the pack only, and no more then 50points total.
 We start with the USS Equinox her self, her ability to get shields back will prove very useful in keeping her alive.  Couple this with.........

Captain Ransom who can give you more defence dice it makes her survivable.  Navigational Deflector will soak up damage when you need it too, and Photon torpedoes are there for punching back hard.  Noah Lessing works at stripping enemy ships shields by disabling your own tech, which the Emergency Medical Hologram can take the disable instead leaving the navigational deflector free.  Marla Gilmore is there for when you see an enemy ship with some good tech on it, she can use the action from it to boost you or cause damage depending on the effects of the item you choose.

This ship is not a ship of the line, it cant stand up in a firefight against anything but the most feeble of opponents, and even then it will get a run for its money.  She needs to be used to support, harass, annoy, flank, stay out of arc as much as possible of enemy ships, wait until the moment is right, strip their shields to help your heavy hitters, but not in a direct assault way.

If you fins a good way to use her, please let us know!

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