Y-Wing Unboxing for X-Wing Miniatures game

Known across the galaxy as a rugged and durable starfighter, the Y-wing boasts superior armament, armor, and shielding, and can also be upgraded with an incapacitating ion cannon to disable enemy ships.
The Y wing is one of my favourite looking ships in Star Wars, and a diecast Ywing was one of my favourite toys as a child.  She is big, old and not too nimble, but is built like a tank.

Now we can get her on the Tabletop for Xwing so lets see what she adds.....

Being an FFG game she comes with plenty of high quality tokens, all that you will need to play her on the table.  You can see as well that she is not too quick, speed 4 being a red manoeuvre, though she can do alright at lower speeds with some white banks.

For named pilots we have Horton Salm, which has some of my favourite artwork in the game.  He lets you re-roll blanks at range 2-3 and has a good high skill of 8.  You can see she doesn't have great firepower, though it is the same as a TIE fighter, low agility, high hull, and good shields.  Dutch Vander helps other friendly ships out, as after he acquires a target lock a friendly ship at range 1-2 can get a target lock as a free action.

 Rounding out for generic pilots we have the skill 4 Gray squadron pilot, and skill 2 gold squadron pilot which provide cheap options with a good spread of upgrades available to them.
 for upgrades in the pack we get the R2 Astromech.  He lets you treat all speed 1 and 2 manoeuvres as green, which on this ship with a red speed 4 is very handy for that burst of speed, then a nice turn to go back to normal.  R5-D8 is a named astromech with an action ability that allows you to roll a defence dice, and if you roll an evade or focus you can discard a facedown damage card.  With this many hull points he is great to potentially shed off damage.

You also get two sets of Proton Torpedoes as it has two torpedo slots on the ship, this can provide a nice heavy hitting punch rather then your main guns.

The ION cannon turret is a great upgrade, it is a 3 attack weapon that as a turret provides 360 degree coverage.  If it hits the target suffers one damage and then receives an ION token.  ships with an ION token can only drift forward at speed 1 the next turn so you know where they will be and can line them up for shots with your other heavier hitters.

 The model is stunning, I have always liked the Ywing, but this is great and yes I flew it around the room making appropriate noises like I was a kid again.
All in all a great support ship, she does not hit as hard as the Xwing, but has a solid role with her Ion Turret, and she can pack two loads of torpedoes for that extra firepower when needed. A must add to your Rebel fleet.
You can pick one up by finding your local game store here

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