Star Trek Attack Wing IRW Algeron ship build

in this ship build we head into the shipyards above Romulus to fit out the Algeron D7 for battle.  As with all the builds I will only use the cards in the pack, and no more than 50 points.
 coming in at 31 points she wont break the bank, so lets take a closer look at what she has got, and how we can use her in battle........

 Starting with the named Algeron ship we can see she doesn't have the greatest stats, though a respectable firepower.  She Is old though, so bear in mind that in era pure TOS games she will be able to hold her own rather much more then against bigger Galaxy class ships and such like, but even then she still has uses, so I shall discuss her in both options.  Her ability lets you if not cloaked make a 1 forward move before you attack, this great for closing the range if you can get into range 1 its throwing 4 dice which is very respectable in any era.  Liviana Charvanek is our Admiral, Olivia would never forgive is she was not included.  She adds a plus one to our captain and has an elite talent slot of her own.  Her action lets us cloak and perform a free action, so we can target lock for maximum effect, or sensor echo for maximum manoeuvrability providing plenty of tactical options.  Captain wise we have Tal, who is only skill 3, though that goes up to 4 with our Admirals bonus.  His ability is if the ship is not cloaked we can take a battlestations action.  Now you may wonder why I have Livi with her cloak ability, and a non cloak ability.  Well that's simple, when you have no shields you can not cloak, and with only 2 shields, and good hit and she is not cloaking again, so Tal is there to provide effects when that happens.

~Livi has Cloaked attack as her elite talent, this can be discarded and your cloak token spent to add 2 extra attack dice.  Used right, with a free target lock action from her, and in range 1, this ship is then throwing 6 dice wit a re-roll enough to hopefully do some serious damage to anything  it hits, ceraintly in TOS era pure, and its still nothing to be sniffed at against later ships.  Lastly Plasma Torpedeos are there for some more firepower options, as they let you re-roll your blanks, and again with Livi you can cloak, target lock as a free action and fire.

The ship is fragile in non TOS era pure, so should be used with caution in mixed era games, coming in flanking out of the way, letting the bigger ships do the heavy lifting and then darting out finish n enemy off.  In Era Pure, she can stand up to pretty much anything your opponents have to offer, so can lead the line if needed, though of course with any cloaking ship that does not have a high hull, flanking and manoeuvre are your friends.

take a look here to see all the cards you can get in the pack and how to grab yourself a copy of this ship to try out your tactics on the battlefield.


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