Star Trek Attack Wing USS Voyager Federation ship Builds

The voyager has some great potential builds, It is a fast ship that can zip around the board.
 I am taking a little bit of a change this time, I will put the standard 50 point builds as always, but here you can really power the ship up. For the mission it needs to be up to 75 points! and you can get there pretty easy as you will see. so our first build........

With Voyager costing 30 points you cant really rack up too much.  With paris giving an extra evade dice without an action and harrys action to repair a shield combined with Janeway doing the double evade (albeit it at the cost of an auxiliary power token).With sacrifice you can make sure the damage is done when it needs to be.
 Now here we have a dreadnaught of a ship, 73 points of power.  The defence bonus of the last build AND the generator giving another 5 hull points immune to crits, and the transpasic with Tuvok being an 11 dice attack this ship hits hard, dodges well and survives. 
 Another variant builds adds the bio neural circuitry in case you mess up that big torp strike,
Though to get the BEST from voyager, in the beast build sling Picard on there, and this ship becomes terrifying. Picard extra action like a battlestation before firing the torps makes it a monster.
Chakotay, though not my favourite captianprovides other options toallow 2 crew to perform their actions a turn, then the doctor can re-enable them. a solid build to try for multiple actions.

There are so many options in this pack to play with its worth experimenting with to find the build that works for you.


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