Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Star Trek Attack Wing Soong Borg Type 03 unboxing

Designated by Starfleet as the Borg Type 03, this class of Borg starship was used by a rogue faction of Borg led by Lore, Datas "Brother".  This unusual design was asymmetrical and totally unlike the previously encountered Borg cube and Borg scout, causing Captain Jean-Luc Picard to speculate whether it was something they constructed or an alien vessel they captured and assimilated. Whatever its origins, the vessel was still heavily armed and massively armoured, capable of great destructive power.
Lets take a look and see what you get in this dual faction Independent/Borg ship

As always a slab of Tokens and Dials, all that you need.
Now onto the card.  The ship is fast, not too manoeuvrable though.  The Generic version, the Borg Type 03 is borg faction only, High attack, low defence, high hull, good shields.  The named version The Soong is dual Faction Borg and independent, so it can take upgrades from both those factions, and has one more shield making it a very formidable opponent.  For captain we have a generic independent one.  Lore is skill 7, he adds a crew upgrade to your bar, you can then use to ne jettisoned to add an extra attack dice.  Hugh gives you a reduction to crew cost.
All the crew are dual faction Borg and independent.  We have goval, who can be discarded to stop any other upgrade suffering.  Bosus again provides a buff to saving your crew.  Torsus can be discarded to increase your captains skill.  Crosis disables enemies crew or tech upgrades, and lets you steal a crewman as well, he is very useful.  We have two elite talents, Experimental link is a Borg upgrade that allows you to gain re-rolls, and diversionary tactics is an independent upgrade that is discarded along with a crewman to  target a ship that then must discard one of their crew and can not attack that round.
We have Forward weapons array that allows you to split your fire, and photon torpedoes.  For the Borg upgrade we get Transwarp conduit that allows you to remove your ship and reappear on the board in a different place.  The last upgrade is Subspace Distortion that can increase your defence dice.  For the mission we have Descent that matches the episode this ship was seen in, with away team tokens as your team battle on the planet to find out what is going on.
The ship itself is a big one.  Strange looking, but its just how it was depicted in the episode.
It does have detail, but the paint job is a little flat, so a wash will bring it out nicely.  A really powerful addition to the independent faction, with some nice Borg toys too, its well worth getting.