Star Trek Attack Wing Hirogen Alpha Hunter build

The Hirogen can get some very strong builds, so here I play around with them to see what I can come up with.

The ship itself is solid enough with a good dial, and good stats across he board.  Its ability allows you to do a sensor echo as free action meaning this a highly mobile ship.  For captains we take Karr.  He is a beast!, when attacking  you can reroll any one of your attack dice, he has a captain skill of 8 and if he is attacking a ship with a lower skill he gets an extra attack dice! he also has two slots for elite talents. 

For those I took stalking mode, which is amazingly good, you target a ship at range 1-3, drop the captain skill by 2, and get an extra attack dice against it! both of those effects last until the end of the game.  If Karr is stalking you it gets scary as he can roll potentially 7 dice at range one and re roll one of them.  With battlestations as an action he can shred ships

Full reverse allows a surprise manoeuvre when its needed, as it does not cost an action and combined with an upgrade later allows you to really out manoeuvre your foe.

what else is in the build?...

Sensor Network allows you to look at an opponents dial before you move and then set yours! combined with full reverse it allows you to position yourself for the kill.
Monotanium armor plating allows you to potential avoid target locks, or disable to clear them from you. Its a handy card.  For weapons I have added the subnucleonic beam which allows you to damage and disable enemy crew at the same time.

Its a real predator of a ship, and definitely to be feared on the table top.


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