Plot cards focus for A Game of Thrones the Card Game Second Edition LCG

What plots you add to your deck are an important choice in A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition.  The income, and effects need to be balanced to your deck, and provide you effects you can make the most of. 

With the above in mind we are taking a look at the plot cards that come in the core box set, and what effects they have, and when may be the best time to play them......

Out first Plot is Naval superiority, it provides 2 gold (G), an imitate (I) of 7 and a claim (C)of 1 and a reserve of 6.  It treats the gold of all edict and kingdom traited plots as 0.  This can be used to cripple your opponent financially, it is dependant on their plot, but when it works....  The Winds of winter is gold 3, I4 and C2 with a reserve of 5.  There are no effects from this plot, but its claim of 2 makes it effective if you are planning on smashing your opponent heavily in challenges, with 2 claim you an really make the most of it.

, Confiscation is a G4 I5 C1 plot with a reserve of 6.  When revealed you can choose an attachment and discard it from play, this is great if you have some one that has been effected by milk of the poppy, or if you want to remove the big weapon from your opponents character.  supporting the Faith is G6 I2 C1 with a low reserve of 4.  when you play this plot all unspent gold is removed after the marshal phase instead of in the taxation phase, usually ensuring your opponent can not keep any for sneaky tricks, so make sure you can spend all your gold and do not waste it.
Rebuilding is a 5G 5I 1C plot, that when revealed allows you to shuffle 3 cards from your discard deck back into your deck.  A great card when you have some good things you want to get back from your discard pile.  Summons is a 4G 0I 1C with a large reserve of 7, so handy if you plan on having plenty of cards, and good to get one as well as it lets you search the top 10 cards of your decks for a character to add to your hand.

Fortified position is 5G 1I 1C with a reserve of 5.  Its ability allows you to treat each character in play as if its printed box where blank, so its a good way to stop those big scary characters for a turn whilst you, well, Fortify your position to even it up a bit.  Marched to the Wall is 4G 8I 1C, with a reserve of 5.  When this plot is revealed each player chooses a character and discards it from play with out being able to save it.  This is great when you have plenty of small disposable cards, whilst your opponent has all big hitters, this makes their choice of who to discard harder.

Filthy Accusations is 4G 4I 1C with a reserve of  6, its nice and level across the board, and when revealed you can choose and kneel a character.  Good to stop your opponents big character.

Wildfire Assault is 4G 7I 1C, when revealed each player chooses up to 3 characters, and kills the rest, its a good reset when you are outnumbered as it can level the board again.

Taxation is a 5G 6I 1C with a reserve of 6 that allows you to marshal another limited card this round.
Heads on Spikes is a 4G 6I 1C that when revealed an opponent must discard a card at random from their hand, if it is a character gain 2 power for your faction, so a good one to play if the opponent has a large hand, as it makes the odds better to both kill a character and gain power.
Reinforcements is a 1G 0I 1C plot with a reserve of 6, it allows you to choose a character of cost 5 or less and play it either from your hand, or your discard pile.  A good plot when you have a nice character in your discard pile, and with the right economy cards out the lack of gold on the plot can be overcome.

Sneak Attack is 5G 11I 2C reserve 5, but you can only initiate one challenge in the challenge phase, though with a claim of 2, and high initiative you are going first, so you can pick one challenge and ensure you get it through and defend the others.
Marching Orders is a 9G 3I 1C so nice and high gold though you can not play events or locations or attachments when you use this plot, so only characters, still great if you hand of characters that need to hit the table.
Jousting Contest is 4G 3I 1C with a reserve of 6, with this plot only 1 character can be attacking and 1 defending during challenges.  It is good if you have strong characters that can smash through the opposition on a 1v1 basis.
Calling the banners is a 3G 6I 1C with a reserve of 6.  You gain 1 gold for each character your opponent has out, so if they are swamping you another way to get gold and get back in the game.

A Game of Thrones is a 4G 2I 1C plot.  When revealed a player can not initiate a military or power challenge unless they have won an intrigue challenge in that phase.  Very useful when you see your opponent s have no intrigue or low intrigue character out, so you can block them down easily.  Be careful though if you yourself have low intrigue.
Counting Coppers is a 2G 3I 1C card, low gold, but it lets you draw 3 cards, so if you have a low hand its good to get back in to the game, or if you have other ways of gaining gold for the turn.

Power behind the throne is 3G 3I 1C.  When revealed place a power token on the plot.  At any point you can discard that power token to choose and stand a character, so played at the right time it can prove very useful.
Building orders is 4G 1I 1C, and when revealed search the top 10 cards of your deck for a location or attachment and add it to your hand.  This can really help you get those economy locations out, or the right piece of gear you need at the time.

A Storm of Swords is a 3G 8I 1C plot that lets you perform an additional military challenge.  This can thin down the board nicely, and with some other stand abilities you can let your big characters swing out multiple times.

A Noble Cause is a 5G 0I 1C that lets you reduce the cost of the first lord or lady you play by 2, again handy to get a discount on those big cards.

A Feast for Crows is a 6G 4I 1C that has the ability on it if you win dominance, you gain 2 power for your faction, so this can give you a massive swing played at the right time.

Calm over Westeros is a 5G 3I 1C card, when revealed you can choose a challenge type, and it reduces your opponents claim of it by 1 whilst defending it.

A Clash of Kings is a 4G 9I 1C that after you win a power challenge you move a power from your opponents faction card to yours, giving you a massive swing potentially, as winning a power challenge gains you 1, and loses them 1, and combined with this it becomes a 4 power swing.

Getting the right plots to work with your deck are crucial you want to have flexibility in your plots, and also have them compliment the type of deck you run, as you can only pick 7 though, it never will be an easy choice.

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