Xwing 100pts Rebel Build with the Z95

Since the Arrival of the Z95 we have been playing it added onto to Olivias normal list, but we have tried to shoehorn it into a 100list, it may not be optimised, but she wants to play with all the toys. so whats in the list now?

Lowest pilot skill first we have...

A rookie Xwing, then a Tala Squadron Z95 and a Red squadron Xwing pilot with Chewie in the Falcon rounding the list out.

Her plan, apparently is to drive the falcon straight down the cuts with the Z95 supporting it, and an Xwing on each flank.

Simple, but brutal.... Chewie can survive plenty of punishment, and the Headhunter positioned right can pop out and add to the fire whilst the solid xwing run flank support.


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