Star Trek Attack Wing Vulcan D`kyr unboxing

The D'Kyr type was a type of Vulcan starship operated by the High Command during the mid-22nd century. Some of these vessels were given the designation of combat cruiser in the 2150s.
A ship from the Enterprise era, it fits into the Vulcan faction nicely.  It comes with plenty of bits with it as well....

 The D`kyr is not a nimble ship. but it does have a reverse, a lot of hull and solid shields.  It can take a beating.  The named ability is passive giving a plus one against attack against ships at range 3.  For captains we have Soval, his action allows you target a ship at range 1-2 and remove a scan or battlestations token at the cost of an auxiliary power.  Tavek adds an extra crew slot.
 For crew we have the lovely T`pol who allows you whilst defending if you have a scan token to re-roll 2 dice.  Muroc allows you to roll to attempt to drop enemies shields.  The Vulcan high command talent adds different upgrade options to your bar.  Being a Vulcan ship it has some tech options, the sensor grid gives you a scan and auxiliary power but uncloaks enemy ships.  Auxilary control room allows you to disable it to remove an auxiliary power token at enemy time giving you great aux management.  For weapons the D`kyr has the photonoic weapon, which acts like torpedoes, and the aft particle cannon providing a cheap sting it its tail.
 The mission is single or two player, coming to rescue a ship from the suliban.  It does include suliban cell ship tokens as well!
 Its a very detailed model, but again it could do with a nice paint job touchup, or a wash
 The ship has a 180 degree front firing arc, and a 90 degree rear arc as well, making it hard to hide from

a cool looking ship, and a good addition to expand your Vulcan fleet, with a fun single player mission as well.


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