Star Trek Attack Wing Kreechta unboxing

The Kreechta was a Ferengi D'Kora-class marauder that was in service in the mid-24th century. Kreechta was commanded by DaiMon Bractor.
In 2365, the Kreechta stumbled upon a Starfleet battle simulation that was being conducted by the USS Enterprise-D and the USS Hathaway in the Braslota system. The Kreechta attacked and quickly overwhelmed the Enterprise, which had been functioning on minimal shields for the battle simulation.
Bractor demanded that Enterprise captain, Jean-Luc Picard, turn over the Hathaway to him, believing that the two Starfleet vessels had been involved in some kind of internal struggle and that the Hathaway contained something of high value. However, the Kreechta retreated when it appeared that the Enterprise destroyed the Hathaway to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

So lets dive in and see if you have the lobes to play the Kreechta

 This is the third available Ferengi D'kora class ship, but the first retail one.
 Plenty of card tokens as always.
 The D'Kora is not the most nimble of ships, its not bad though, it has a handy reverse, and can turn well at speed 2.  The named Kreechta has average attack low defence, average hull and average shields, nothing special across the board.  The named ships ability allows you to get a reroll when attacking a ship wit damaged shields, you can reroll a die for each damaged shield.  That's a good ability, like a free target lock, presuming you have done some damage first.  You get as always a generic ship, and a generic captain.  For our named captains we have at skill 4 Bractor.  His passive ability gives you plus one attack when attacking a ship with an auxiliary token.  Tarr at skill 3 provides you a free battlestations if you are in the firing arc of an enemy ship, again a good ability for the points and passive.
 Elite talent wise we have Acquisition, ahh where would we be without the Ferengi wanting something! You can discard it to steal a tech or weapon from an enemy ship.  Marauder is a great talent, it allows you to disable it to get a free battlestations, very handy on a ship like this that does not come naturally with that action.  We get three sets of tech, EM pulse puts an auxiliary power on an enemy and makes them roll 2 less dice, which fits nicely with the captain that gets a bonus for shooting ships with an aux power.  Ferengi probe leys you double your range bonus if you have a scan by your ship, its a disable so reusable, it means the ship can be rolling 5 at range 1, 3 normal, 1 for range one, and double for the probe.  Lastly  Maximum shields fir an action and a discard provides two more shields which can be handy if you know you are going to get a pummelling.   We have one crewman, the Tactical officer, like all good ferengi he is there to let you know when the best time to run away is, you can discard him to perform an extra 3 or 4 manoeuvre.  For weapons we have photon torpedoes, fairly standard and Ferengi Missile launchers, which are only attack 2, but let you attack twice, and any crits go straight through the enemy shields. 
 The mission looks great fun, it comes straight from the episode the Kreechta is in, where you find two federation ships doing wargames together.
 The model is pretty nice, needs as always a wash though
 I like the Ferengi logo on it, just to remind you who is popping in to sell you all sorts of things
A fun ship with a good themed mission in it, all around a worthy addition.


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