Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Stat Trek Attack wing Vulcan D`kyr ship build

In this ship build we look at the Vulcan forces again.  I really like them for some reason.  they are not considered the best, but I enjoy using them, and I think you can create some fun and interesting builds.  so lets look at the D`kyr.  As always no more then 50points, and only using the cards in the pack to get the most out of the ship.
So lets dive in and see what we can do....

As always the named ship D`kyr average/low firepower, low defence, good hull and good shields. She is a solid ship.  for her ability she gets an extra attack dice firing at range 3, so it makes her a good long range sniper.  Soval is our captain, with a skill of 7 he's on the better side, and his action allows us to remove scan or battlestatons tokens from enemies at the cost of an auxiliary power.

For his elite talent we have Vulcan high command which adds extra slots to your bar, I have used this for an extra crew slot to fit on another crewman.  for crew we have T`pol who allows you to spend your scan token on defence to re-roll up to 2 dice, which is handy in a pinch, and if you are at long range where the ship excels where you get an extra defence dice.  Muroc is there to help with drop shields to get more effective punch, and to remove cloakers.  This is a very anti cloakers ship with him and the tech sensor grid which flips the cloak off all ships in range 1-2 and gives you a scan token, and an auxiliary power token.

The power tokens can stack up on this ship, but the auxiliary power room can help this, you can disable it anytime to remove an auxiliary power allowing you to still perform red moves when you need to and surprise your opponent.

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