Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Star Trek Attack Wing Koronak ship build

Today we look at the Cardassian Keldon class ship the Koranak.  What can we build from the pack that follows the standard 50pts or less rule, and only using the cards in the pack?  Well there are a couple of very good builds I want to try in this pack so lets look at the first one.
The Koranak is a solid ship, with good firepower and hull.  its named ability allows you split its attack with its primary weapon at the cost of a scan action.  It allows some flexibility with firepower to hit where I need to, if I do not need all the shots to finish a cripple ship, I can just chuck a few dice, then concentrate the rest where it needs to be.  Gul Dukat is the Captain, with a skill 7, he is a solid choice.  His ability allows you to get a free evade or battlestations each turn.  For his elite talent I have taken captured intelligence.  It allows you to place an evade if you don't have one, and get an extra defence dice that turn.  Combined with Dukats battlestations  you can dodge things well.  When you add the cloaking device as well, which allows you to cloak and gain the sensor echo ability.  This ship can run and cloak, or stay and fight, it adds some versatility.  Boheeka takes the crew role, if you have a battlestations token beside your ship when you attack you can convert a blank into a hit.  He works well with Dukats free battlestations.  For Tech I added the cloaking device, it allows the ship to cloak and sensor echo adding some tricks to its arsenal.  For weapons we have the dorsal weapons arrya, which is only 3 attack, but attacks in any direction giving you that cover when you need it.  And enhanced weaponry to add that 6 dice punch if its needed at range.

Now there is another alternate build I wanted to try, so lets take a look.....

This is a more defensive build but still with plenty of firepower.  The named Koranak  for a start.  Gul Evek as captain, he allows you to re-roll all your defence dice once each time you defend.  Now that sounds a bit rubbish on a one defence dice ship right.... well that's where this ships tricks come in.  The cloaking device adds 4 defence dice when your cloaked, so you are at 5 defence dice with a re-roll on blanks.  If you are going to get into a lot of firepower Tetryon emissions allows you to disable it to add another 3 defence dice giving you 8 with a re-roll.  Now that should add some survivability to you.  The build still has Boheeka for offence, and enhanced weaponry and the dorsal weapons array.  Its a great ship with two different builds to try.

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