Battle of Greenbrier River West Virginia October 3rd 1861 Battle Cry battle report

Time for another battle report for you from Battle Cry, with me taking the role as the Confederates, and Olivia commanding the Union forces.  So far the Confederates have won all the battles we have fought, will luck change for the Union forces?

The Battle of Greenbrier River, also known as the Battle of Camp Bartow, took place on October 3, 1861 in Pocahontas County, Virginia (now West Virginia) as part of the Operations in Western Virginia Campaign during the American Civil War.

In mid-September 1861 Confederate troops established Camp Bartow in the Cheat Mountain Area. The Confederates, under the command of General William B. Taliaferro, had the advantage of knowing the land but their numbers were greatly reduced due to sickness. Taliaferro had reported that his army had been reduced to one-third strength.

Controlling the Union forces in Cheat Mountain and Tygart's Valley was General Joseph J. Reynolds. Reynolds’ army's spirits had been heartened due to their success in repelling General William W. Loring's troops. Reynolds believed that he would be able to defeat Taliaferro and clear the mountain for a quick route to Virginia. For two days it rained non-stop and due to the cold weather both troops lost men.

Reynolds troops began to move at midnight on October 2, 1861 and by daylight they entered Greenbrier, roughly four miles from the Confederate camp.

At 8 o’clock in the morning the Confederate soldiers guarding the camp left their posts and the Union soldiers entered the Confederate camp. Upon opening fire, the Confederate Army was having trouble working their weapons and while they were trying to fix them they were forced to move out into the open due to the Union armies significant firepower.
When Colonel John B.Baldwin, who was in charge of the 52nd Virginia Infantry, heard the gunshots he immediately left camp with all of his men and went to help the Confederates. By the time they reached the battlefield they thought it was too late, but when the Union army saw more men coming they continued to fire and the battle continued for approximately five more hours. Reynolds ordered his troops to return to Cheat Mountain breaking off the battle.

After the battle was finished both sides realized the losses were not great. In an attempt to appear superior both the Union and the Confederates increased the enemies losses and both reported that they had lost around three-hundred men. When the results were calculated the Union had eight men killed and thirty-five men wounded. The Confederates had lost six men, had thirty-three wounded, and thirteen men missing. The result of the Battle of Greeenbrier River was inconclusive.

Lets see how it played out on the tabletop.......

This Battle is 5 command cards each, and victory is first to 6 flags.  The union troops that have the flag marker are "Green", this means any retreat results count double.

The Table is set, the cards are dealt.  Olivia abandoned her usual position to take a view of the battlefield from my side and plan her assault.  It looks a tough nut for the union troops to cross the centre.

Olivia went first, and played an assault on her right flank, advancing on the river and the exposed rebel troops in the hamlet inflicting casualties.  I played Sharpshooter trying to take one of her generals out. sadly I missed, but it was worth trying, I wanted to hold position in the centre, and believed my left flank strong enough to take any advances from Olivia's troops.
Next turn Olivia concentrated and attacked on her right flank again reducing the exposed rebel unit in the hamlet down to one stand and a general.  I replied by scouting my left flank, and sent an infantry unit in to open fire at point blank range reducing her invading unit by 2.

Olivia switched it and played an attack in the centre, advancing her troops wiping out the exposed Rebel unit, and then taking down the general giving her 2 flags to the victory conditions.  due to some poor hand choices I played scout in the centre to try and draw a better card as I draw 2 and choose the 1 to keep.  I also moved my general up to join the artillery to use his ability to ignore retreat rolls.

 Olivia played a probe in the centre to advance her forces for the assault.  I played a hit and run firing my artillery and taking 1 stand of infantry out.  Things where not looking good for me.

 Olivia played another probe in the centre advancing her forces again. I played an attack on the right flank to advance a unit, and moe another to reinforce my centre.
 Olivia played a forced march in the centre advancing her infantry closer, and pushing back and causing casualties to a unit on my left and sever casualties on a unit in my centre.  I responded with an assault in the centre giving maximum fire to the advancing Yankees, though I caused plenty of casualties I was not able to remove a unit, nor force any of the green units to retreat.
Olivia had some great cards and played another forced march in the centre to bring her forces up and open fire, she destroyed a unit in the centre and using the general took the ground to be in the midst of the rebel line, she also had another unit rolling up the side of the centre so the defensive positions would be useless against them now, things where not looking good at all for the rebels.  I played a probe in the centre to try and restore some sort of order, I did manage to get my first flag of the game taking out the infantry unit that had just over run, but the general was still there.
Olivia followed it up with more pressure in the centre taking out 2 more units! she was only one flag from victory.  I played an outflank, and tried to reinforce my failing centre, I did manage to finish off an infantry unit, but the end was near.

Olivia played a scout in the centre, her infantry unit gave a full volley to my general and took him out giving her the final flag she needed for victory.

Union victory 6-2!

I got somewhat hammered in that game, I did not expect it either.  I thought I had a solid position in the centre and the green troops would run when hit, but I never rolled any retreat flags on them, and ?Olivia just kept hitting me in the centre where I could not always respond.  A great fun game, with an unexpected result, and the first victory for the Union forces. 


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