TIE Interceptor ship build for X-Wing Miniatures game

Today we look at getting the most out of the TIE Interceptor.  As always using only the cards in the pack, and looking at the best uses for the ship.
 Here is my favourite build for the TIE/IN so lets take a closer look.....

My favourite Interceptor pilot is Turr Phennir.  With his ability to do a free boost or barrel roll after you attack you can dive out of the way out of return fire to set yourself up for the next turn, it makes him hard to keep a track of for your enemy as you will never be quite sure where he will end up.

Combined with his Elite Talent of Daredevil he can get anywhere he needs to be, in fact he could surprise you by hard turning one way, then using this as his action to hard turn again the other way, fire, then boost again. 

The ship is fragile, true, so you will need to lurk until the correct moment, but with its speed and high manoeuvrability it can get anywhere you need quick to strike.  She needs to dive in and hit hard, then dance around with the Daredevil, free boosts and barrel rolls to stay out of arc and pump as much damage out as possible.  Combined with regular TIE`s going in the opponent should be overwhelmed by targets, and not know if they want to waste time trying to turn and engage the TIE/IN that can then easily move out of arc again, or go against the main fighter line.  She is a finesse ship, but well used can be lethal.


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