Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Star Trek Attack Wing USS Reliant Ship Build

In this ship build article we look at the USS Reliant, a favourite of mine from the movie Wrath of Khan, and the Miranda class is seen in most of the Series from TNG to DS9.  As always only the cards in the pack, and builds under totalling under 50pts.
 We start with the named Reliant, she gives you an extra plus one at range one making her a ship that likes to fight up close and personal.  For Captain we have Terrell, he provides a defensive bonus to the other ships in your fleet.  For crew we have Chekov, who allows you to count a white manoeuvre as a green one for removing stress, which can be handy as the Reliant has a 2 red reverse.  Kyle as an action allows you repair a shield at the loss of two attack dice if you did a green manouver, still very useful to keep this small ship in the fight.  She cant stand in the main line of battle with the big boys, but is a solid support ship and can punch above her weight class in close.

Now the Second build, since we all know Khan came with this pack.....

For this build we keep the named Reliant, and the photon torpedoes, but trade out the rest for a movie themed version.  For captains we have Khan, skill 8, so very respectable.  He allows you to convert battlestations into criticals instead of hits, proving deadly in battle.  Combined with Joachim who lets you draw two damage cards and pick which crit is put on your enemy.  for the last crewman we have follower of Khan, for an action they get discarded, and discard an enemy crew as well.   The final card is Khans elite talent, I stab at Thee, which in case he is destroyed allows you to roll 3 attack dice and inflict the resulting damage onto all ships within range 1.  They do not get defence dice against it, so it can be very nasty.

Its a great little ship, with two sides to it, the federation one, and the Khan independent side. Both different builds, but both fun!

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