Dice masters DC Justice League 2 Player Starter set

As regular readers know, I love Dice Masters, its a great game, and it really got my interest in superheroes going.  The Justice league set does contain my two favourite heroes, Superman and Batman so I was very excited to take a look at the cards in this set.
Great DC art on the front of the box, and all over it as well!
So lets take a look and see that you get in this set to add to your Dice masters experience......

You get the usual coloured dice for actions, sidekick dice, and dice bags, just plain blue and red ones though which is a pity, but they do perform the task.  As always you get 3 versions of each card so you can pick and choose the ability you like, and two dice for each character as well.
Now the exciting bit, lets take a quick overview of the cards......
We get two powerful villains in the form of Deathstroke and Darkseid.  They both have some great abilities, with a version of deathstroke having regenerate, and a version of Darkseid dealing damage up to his attack when he is KO`d

Martian Manhunter can get more powerful when he is blocked, and Wonderwoman can boost other Justice league members.

Green Arrow can perform damage to characters when he enters play, whilst Zatannas ability seem to concentrate on moving dice to different areas.
now onto my two favourites, I love the art for these tow, Superman especially, who also has my favourite dice in the pack Batman can help you reduce the cost of action dice.  superman is just a powerhouse with attack 8 and defence 8, and a version can not be damaged in the attack phase.
 You also get as normal  10 new actions to pick from, ranging from casualty that can straight away KO sidekicks, to vulnerability which can force your opponent to be more careful about risking characters.

Shockwave is brutal, it can KO all level one characters, so its handy to clear the board down.  Save civilians can reduce the cost of your characters when you field sidekicks.

Its a great set, and the love the fact you can mix in other cards from all the other sets to create your own perfect superhero or villain mega team.


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