Star Trek Attack Wing Enterprise NX-01 ship build

We look at the build for the NX today.  As always using only the cards that come in the pack, and under 50points.
As you may recall from the original article, she's a fragile ship, but with the right upgrades she does have a roll to fill.

So what can we take? read on and see.

 We take named ship first as always which then gives us the Enhanced hull plating for free. Bargain!.  It enhances the ship survivability immensely.  Captain Archer is in charge, with his ability to add more firepower it adds some much needed potential punch.  Admiral Forrest adds an extra bit of skill to archer, and the ability to get out the way if you need to.  Tactical alert allows you to make the most of the added punch you create.
Photonic charges are there to add some extra punch at range.  Trip is there to help keep the ship alive, Sato to help the survivability, and also be a useful disable for archer.  T'Pol is handy to reduce an enemies defence, which means those big hits hurt more. Phlox has the job of re enabling everyone when its done.

Its a nice little build, that can be useful if used right, and flown in a way waiting for the right moment to strike and dart out again whilst the bigger ships do most of the heavy lifting.


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