Modding your Pandemic board game storage

As you may recall, im rather partial to the game Pandemic and enjoy it quite a bit.  Its a great thematic game fighting diseases and working together to save the world from outbreak levels of horridness.

When you get the game you will see all the pieces are nicely stored in their little baggies.....

Yes this is fine, and all good, but i thought about having something just a bit cooler to store them... and  a bit more in theme...... so i got these.........

 These rather nifty plastic petri dishes with lids.... including postage less then £1.50 on ebay.  for 10...... and i only needed a few.....
Once i put all the disease tokens in them they look great!! and all fit nicely in the box as well, this should make set up and take down a little quicker, but more importantly, it adds to the theme and looks dang cool!

What mods have you done for your own board games?


  1. Lol - just going through some new games with a friend who started. I put some labels up on Boardgamegeek a few years ago for the petri dishes. Adds some more flavour :-)


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