Gonville Bromhead VC, The hero of Rorke’s Drift, fact and fiction from Trent Miniatures 28mm Zulu War gaming

Time to take a look at some minis...its been a while since we did.  These are a couple of minis from Trent Miniatures, i found whilst doing some research for Zulu wars wargaming, and I decided these where a must have to make suitable leader/officer figures for my units.  They arrived in a plain little baggy, and frankly, are VERY nice....

so what are these then?? lets take a closer look and learn a bit about them.....

Gonville Bromhead was awarded the Victoria Cross for his part in the gallant defence of the Rorke’s Drift mission station during the Zulu wars. This action was recalled in the film ‘Zulu’ in which Bromhead was played by Michael Caine. Bromhead was educated at the Thomas Magnus Grammar School in Newark, Nottinghamshire where one of the School Houses – ‘Bromhead’ was named after him until their abolition early this century.
It is for this reason that he is included in the Trent Miniatures Adventure range. This mini range brings together a variety of historical figures that have been associated with the town of Newark in Nottinghamshire, England. The models have been designed by Master Sculptor, Mark Copplestone. There are ten Characters in the series for you to collect.Two models are included in the pack, the clean shaven version being Michael Caine!

Trent Miniatures is a well established Wargames Figure Company producing high quality 28mm miniatures. They produce a number of ranges including  soldiers of the French Revolutionary Wars, Historical Characters and a small but superb Science Fiction range.

I have to say, i love them! there was only a minimal amount of clean up needed for them and they are well detailed and full of character, and of course can work for any generic officer types you may want.

 I picked mine up from Arcane Scenery and Models

 And i must highly recommend them, as they offer excellent prices, speed and service, and a great range of models.


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