Thursday, 7 December 2017

Star Trek Attack Wing Somraw Raptor class builds

The Raptor class is a small scout ship, but can be useful in combat.  So what can you build with this ship?
As typical of Klingon ships it is very manoeuvrable and nimble, with its come about. It is a cheap ship, but is not that survivable with only 5 hit points, and non cloak.  You only get 3 actions on the bar, evade target lock and scan.  For captains I have taken the Somraw Commander, he allows you to throw more dice at range 3 for the cost of an auxiliary token making it a useful long range sniper ship.  Which with the ships ability of converting battle stations to evade staying at long range is good as ti gives you more evades.

for his elite talent.....

We have Klingon Honor, adds an extra attack dice and allows you to convert a hit into a crit.  The cost is you can not roll any defence dice, but done right when out of an enemies arc can add some firepower.

 For crew we have Bu`Kah to add some survivability to the ship by adding hull points back. and Photon Torpedoes add some punch making it a cheap torpedo boat.  Tactical sensors is a nice upgrade allowing you to add a battle stations and scan for one action.
The other option is replacing your tactical sensors with shockwave to pull of a surprise reverse manoeuvre when needed.

All in all a nice little support ship or torpedoes boat, not a ship you want in your battle line, but behind it or skirting the flanks causing an annoyance all round solid.

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