Thursday, 28 December 2017

Warlord Games 28mm Heroes of Rorkes Drift Hollywood Versions for Anglo Zulu Wargaming

I love the film Zulu, its in my top 5 of all time films easily, and i have grown up watching it regularly and enjoying it every time.  When the time came that i wanted to dabble in the Anglo Zulu Wars in 28mm i decided to see what kind of models where out there, and i came across these beauties from Warlord Games, sculpted by empress minis.

These are the heroes of Rorke's Drift, or as Hollywood would have us believe anyway. The sullen but doughty Private Hook VC, the stoic but reluctant Lt Chard VC, the dandy English gentleman Lt Bromhead VC and the unflappable bayonet fighting Colour Sgt Bourne.

Lets pop it open and take a closer look at the models.......

 you get the four models in the pack, all incredibly well detailed with little to no cleanup. 2 mins per figure with a file, and most of that was scoring the base for basing it.
 Plenty of detail on pouches, belts, and even the jacket sleeves.
 Chard really looks like he ahs stepped off the screen from Zulu.
 hook with his booze in hand looks the part
 Bourne of course with his fearsome beard!
 Bromhead advancing.... you can almost picture the scenes from the movie they used for each of these sculpts, and they are glorious.
 They take primer really well, and in fact show more detail when you have indeed primed them
I have to admit the level of detail is a touch intimidtaing for me, but im looking forward ot having a go, and adding these as my officers/leaders for my units.

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