Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Battlefront 7.5cm IeIG18 gun platoon for Flames of War unboxing and review

I have been looking to add a cheap platoon to my Flames of War German force for a while to expand them, and get my list right.  Looking at the optins i found this..... a cheap platoon, with some dual purpose guns.  a fairly respectable 9 anti tank, though short ranged at 16 inches, and also capable of an artillery bombardment.  A pair of guns, command team and observer can be yours for around the 65 points mark, maybe less or more depending on its and training, but I  think its a bargain for such a versatile little unit that can direct fire at tanks with good at and a firepower 3 plus, can bombard yes its only a firepower 6 up so killing will be hard, but you can pin, and of course it can fire smoke! so its incredibly useful in game.
Development of the gun began in 1927, by Rheinmetall. The crew was protected by an armoured shield. There was a mountain gun variant, the 7.5 cm le.GebIG 18. For transport, the mountain variant could be broken down into six to ten packs, the heaviest weighing 74.9 kg. The Germans would typically assign two of these to each mountain battalion.

Six 7.5 cm le.IG 18F were manufactured in 1939. These were airborne guns, capable of being broken down into four 140 kg loads. The airborne variant had smaller wheels and no shield. There was also an infantry support gun, known as the 7.5 cm Infanteriegesch├╝tz L/13, which was designed as a replacement for the le.IG 18, this gun could be broken into four to six loads. However, though prototypes were tested, the German army felt that it did not improve on the existing design sufficiently to merit introduction and the army stayed with the earlier gun.  It served until the end of the war, and though the most potent gun, had its uses as a support weapon.

The Blister gives you enough for a pair of guns with crew, a command team, and an observer team as well, with all the relevant bases.

Lets take a look in the blister..........

You get all the metal parts for two guns, including crew, a command team, and observer team, and of course all the bases.  The models being metal will need a bit of cleanup, so break out your files and it wont take too long though to get them fit for purpose.
 You can see you will need to get the bits of flash off the models, and there are no instructions for the guns, but they are fairly easy to figure out just looking at some online pictures, or indeed this article!

 When painted up they will great, and be can be used from early to late war!

Its a pretty good little kit, and a great option for the game, you will spend some time cleaning it up, but thats a downside of metal models.

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