Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Arkham Horror Curse of the Dark Pharaoh Expansion Fantasy Flight Games

Ahh the world of Cthulhu, and its two deepest games Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror are both excellent places to spend some time, and its time i looked at one of the expansions i picked up for Arkham Horror.

I love Egyptian history and, the world of Cthulhu, so when i saw this i knew i needed............

The Curse of the Dark Pharaoh!

It adds 166 new cards to the game. The cards are themed around an exhibition of Egyptian Antiquities that is being displayed in the museum in Arkham.

This expansion can be integrated with the basic game in one of two ways. The Visiting Exhibit play style, replaces the Arkham Encounter and Gate Encounter decks with entirely new cards from the expansion and adds new spells, mythos cards, allies and the Exhibit Items, which can be discovered only through the new encounters.

The Permanent Exhibit style, combines the games. The Arkham Encounters, Gate Encounters and Mythos cards from the two sets are all combined into, and you never quite know whether you'll be getting an original encounter or something from the expansion, which i like as it adds a bit more variety to the game, but you may prefer to have a game more themed on the expansion in which case the visiting exhibit may be the best for you.

Lets pop it open, and see what it adds.....

   You get cards, and a rules leaflet, but then you would expect cards in the game, its ideal to just sort and add in.

The Exhibit Items are rare, but very cool, and its normally fairly difficult to get hold of one.  Certain encounters require you to have an Exhibit Item to fully overcome them, which makes you want them all the more.

There are places you are more likely to get Exhibit Items than others, so even in the Permanent Exhibit style, you still have a chance of getting out of trouble by finding one.

You also get Benefits and Detriments, which are semi-permanent modifications to your characters. and again add to the flavour and story telling of the game giving you a new experience.

You can also become Barred from the Neighbourhood - of any of the nine neighbourhoods in the game. These only prevent you from entering certain locations until the terror level rises, and can happen by failing certain encounters, again it adds to the storytelling in the game nicely

New other world, and mythos cards as well add a huge amount of variety to the world, and provide new encounters and gear, and for a very good price provide a massive new influx of goodies for you to game in.

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