Star Trek Attack Wing IRW Algeron Romulan D7 unboxing and review

Staying with wave 24 of Star Trek Attack Wing, we look at the Algeron, a Romulan  D7.  In the original Star Trek series era the Klingons sold a number of D7 cruisers to the Romulans, and now we get to see one on the tabletop.

The I.R.W. Algeron is a Romulan D7-class battle cruiser. This ship was one of three ships that captured the U.S.S. Enterprise after it traveled across the Romulan Neutral Zone on a covert mission.
Time to take a look inside the packaging and see what we get...........

 You get plenty of tokens, but as with all the newer ships, no shields, target lock, evade, auxiliary power, or critical hit tokens.  Fine for longer term gamers, perhaps a challenge for your first few ships.
 The D7 is highly nimble, with the only red move on her dial being the come about, otherwise, she has good speed, plenty of turns and banks, and can get in there.  Stats wise the ship for her points cost is not bad, average attack and hull, with low evades and shields.  The action bar is the classic Romulan one, Evade, Target lock, cloak and sensor echo.  The named Algerons ability comes into play if you are attacking and not cloaked, letting you perform a 1 forward move before you fire, this could bring you into range one upping your firepower, or potentially move you out of an opponents fire arc before he can fire.  As always there is a generic version of the ship, and a generic captain as well.

Liviana Charvanek appears in admiral and captain form providing you some options.  Her action lets you take a cloak action (if you have it on your action bar) then perform another action form your bar as a free action, so cloak and sensor echo to make you even more nimble, or cloak and evade, or target lock even for more firepower conversion.

Tal is a cheap captain, though not the highest skill his ability is good.  If you are not cloaked you can perform a battlestations action even if you do not have it on your action bar, though you can not perform any free action for the turn.

 For elite talents we have Command Pod.  this can be discarded when defending to cancel any one dice result, even a critical giving you that bit more survivability.  Cloaked Attack lets you discard it and spend your cloak token whilst attacking cloaked to gain 2 extra dice giving you quite a hard hit.

Romulan Technical Officer as an action lets you place a scan token beside your ship, which is useful as you do not get one on the normal Romulan action bar.

Impulse drive can be disabled to perform an extra white manouver if there is an auxiliary power token by your ship, but you can not perform an action.  strength 4 Plasma torpedoes round out the pack.  Plasma torpedoes are great s they let you re roll all your blanks.
 You get the rules cards for admirals, and the time tokens as they are not in the rulebook.

the mission is steal the cloaking device, a 2 player mission where the Federatin can use the cloaking device, if they can keep it. (I feel a challenge being offered to Olivia on this one)
Missions really make this game, giving you some other great ways to play.
 The ship itself, though a nice model is disappointingly the exact same paint job as the last Klingon K`tinga (there is no model for the D7 so Wizkids uses the K`tinga) There is even a pinted on Klingon logo on the bottom of the ship.  Its a bit disappointing that its not in Romulan green at least.  Luckily I have an older Model from an another wave that is green.....

and that one will be used as the Romulan version since this is so overtly Klingon, and I can use this lovely one to be the Klingon ship from that set. very happy about that!

All in all a solid pack, a nice cheap ship for the Romulans that is not a scout or science vessel is a pleasant change to provide more options.

Olivia says......

I love Liviana, her name is like me and she is a girl like me! she is my favourite captain already from an old ship, and now there is a new one she is EVEN BETTER!!! she can be my Admiral, she is my favourite, I will beat you with her all the time dad.

You can pick one up by finding your local game store here with an RRP of £12.99 it will add a great ship and solid cards to your fleet to play more in the TOS era, or bring an antique D7 to battle in the later days of Star Trek.

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