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Neutral cards focus for A Game of Thrones the Card Game Second Edition LCG

Today we look at the neutral cards that come in A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd editions core set.

These cards can go into any deck, and provide you with some alternate options, some very powerful. and can help you build up a theme of your own.

They come in the form of characters, events, attachments and locations, so lets take a look and see what you get.........

 Littlefinger is cost 5 strength 4, with power and intrigue icons, he also adds 1 gold to your pool.  He has the reaction that after you marshal him you can draw 2 cards.  Varys is a 6 cost 3 strength card with only intrigue and stealth. You may think that is expensive for what you get, but it is his ability that makes him costly.  His interrupt ability is you can remove him form the game at the end of the dominance phase to discard each character in play.  This can be game changing, you wipe the whole board of characters, its good if yu are being overwhelmed and have a hand of characters, as this combined with a high gold plot can get you back on level pegging again.

 Rattleshirts Raiders are cost 4 strength 3 with only the military challenge icon, but they have a reaction that after you win a challenge in which hey are participating you may choose and discard an attachment controlled by the losing player.  Wildling Horde are a cost 5 strength 5 card with military and power icons, and also pillage so if you win a challenge they discard the top card of your opponents deck.  There is also a challenge action where you can kneel your faction card to choose a participating wildling traited character and give them plus 2 strength.

For Attachments we have Bodyguard which is 1 cost and can only go on a Lord or Lady.  It provides the interrupt that if they where to be killed or discarded you may discard bodyguard instead.  Very handy to keep your big characters alive.  Syrios Training is a 1 cost attachment that adds a military challenge icon to a player.  Littlebird is a 1 cost attachment that adds an intrigue icon to a character.  These are great for adding those challenge icons you need to characters that out in play.

 Seal of the Hand is a 3 cost attachment that you can kneel to stand the character it is attached to.  Milk of the poppy blanks out the text box of the attached character, so Tywin would lose his renown, Margery her ability to stand other characters etc, used right this is brutal to block out the scariest opponents.  Noble lineage is a 0 cost attachment that adds a power challenge icon to a character.

The Hands Judgement is a variable cost event,  when the effects of an opponents event would initiate, you pay the cost of that event and cancel it.  It can really shut down your opponents plans.  Tears of Lys is a 1 cost event that allows you to place a poison token on your opponent after you win a defending intrigue challenge.  You add  a poison token to the character, and if it is still there at the end of the turn then the character is removed.  Superior claim is a 0 cost event that can be played after you win a power challenge by 5 or more strength, and it gains you two power instantly, combined with the power claim it can make a massive swing happen.

Put to the torch is a 1 cost event that is a reaction after you win a military challenge by 5 or more strength.  You can choose and discard an opponents location from play.  Put to the sword works in a similar way, you must win a military challenge by strength 5 or more and you may then choose and kill a character controlled by the opponent, you can use it to remove those annoying big characters that are causing problems.

The Iron Throne is a 2 cost location that adds 1 to your reserve value, and 8 to your strength for dominance, this card is a beast, and can really help you win dominance which a power each turn.

The Kingsroad is a 1 cost location that is limited, it provides plus 1 to your imitative, and you can kneel and discard it to reduce the cost of a character by 3 in the marshalling phase.  The Roseroad is a 0 cost limited location that adds 1 to your gold pool each turn.

Try mixing some of these cards in to your customise your deck.

To learn more about A Game of Thrones the card game second edition take a look here
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