Thursday, 30 June 2016

Star Trek Attack Wing IKS Drovana ship build

Join us once more in the Ship yards of the Klingon empire as we fit out a ship for battle.  As always I will the follow the rules of no more than 50 points, and only using the cards in the pack to give you an idea of what you can do with the ship.  Then discuss how best to use her in battle.
 Coming in at 47 points she's close to the limit, but she can certainly fight, so lets take a closer look....

 As always I have taken the named Drovana.  Her ability to discard to an upgrade to cancel a crit or hit result could come in useful, but I wont use it unless I have to. 
I shall rely on her solid hull, excellent firepower and manoeuvrability to crush the enemies of the empire.

Gowron is Admiral on the ship, and makes an excellent overall Admiral.  His ability to provide battlestations to the Drovana and another free action can really allow me to maximise her damage potential by either target locking with her as the second action, or cloaking, or if already cloaked sensor echo to a better firing position.  Her captain will be Kurn.  With a skill of 5 he is mid range, but he does have a great passive ability to help protect the ship, by letting us re-roll 2 battlestations rolls on defence, and when cloaked we get 5 dice, so hopefully this shall help provide some more defence.

 Taking up the tech slot, cloaked mines.  These give the ship some area denial, or can force your opponent to come to you, they are excellent for objectives as your opponent will have to go through them hopefully taking some damage as they roll in, whilst you can loiter around them as much as you like with no problems.  Photon Torpedoes are there to add a bit of extra long range punch when needed as 6 dice at range 3 is nothing to sneeze at, and with time tokens I can fire and forget as I close in, and of course should I need to they can be used to discard to cancel a hit or critical hit.

Bo`rak is there for when needed, you can disable him during the attack to force your opponent to re-roll one defence dice, and of course if he rolls an evade that's going! That way again maximising damage going through.  He also helps out in case anyone wants to scan, as being scanned whilst cloaked is not much fun so he ensures we can still roll full defence dice when needed.

The Drovana is a solid ship, she can lead the line and mix it with the best of them, cloaking and coming in full guns blazing to drop her mines before engaging with maximum effect due to Gowron, and having good survivability with Kurn and Bo`rak, or she can come in full throttle from the flanks and hunt and pick apart enemy targets, with the amount of firepower she throws out she can not be ignored by your opponent.

so go check out the full list of cards and goodies in the  IKS Drovana expansion pack to find out where you can pick one up to join the fight!

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