Star Trek Attack Wing IKS Drovana unboxing and review

Time to take a look at our first ship from the newest wave of Star Trek Attack wing Wave 24.  This is a really exciting one for me as I have been waiting for a retail Vor`cha for a long time, so this will add some massive hitting power to the Klingon fleet.

The IKS Drovana was a Klingon Vor'cha-class attack cruiser that was in service with the Klingon Defense Force in the late 24th century.

In 2372, the Drovana participated in the Klingon Empire's covert mining of the Bajoran system. The Drovana was severely damaged when a cloaked mine accidentally detonated ten kilometers off its port quarter, causing a massive hull breach and betraying the Klingons' presence.

The USS Defiant towed the crippled warship back to Deep Space 9 for repairs. While docked at DS9, Commander Worf and Kurn stowed aboard the Drovana and accessed its computer in order to uncover the mine strategy and deployment.

Lets take a look and see what's in here.........

 You get two slabs of tokens for your ship, not quite all you would need to play, as its missing shields, critical damage, auxiliary power and a target lock, like most of the newer waves, though not a problem for long time players if you are new getting into the game you my not have all the tokens you need from just the starter set and this.
This pack does include a much needed new version of everyone's favourite Klingon Uncle Gowron!, and he is very good as well.....
 The Drovana is a nimble ship, with a good range of turns and a come about as well, so she fits in perfectly with your Klingon fleet as its the "Standard" Klingon manoeuvre dial.  The ship has excellent firepower and a high hull so he can dish out the punishment and take it as well, and has evade, target lock, sensor echo and cloak as her action bar, again standard Klingon loadout.  The named ships ability lets you discard an unused upgrade whilst defending to cancel a hit or critical hit result, which can prove useful if you have some cheap bits on your ship, or even something you use, but this could save you from destruction and let you fight for another turn at least.

As always the pack comes with a generic ship and captain.  Named Captain wise we get in Admiral and captain form Gowron.  Gowrons action (its the same for both captain and admiral) lets you place a battlestations token besides your ship, and if you are on a Klingon ship with a Klingon captain you may then perform another action as a free action.  This is a massive boost for the forces of the empire, as Klingon ships do not traditionally have a battlestations action available to them, and this provides it, and then lets you take another action, so you can battlestations and target lock to use the massive firepower of the ship to maximum effect. If he is selected as an Admiral he can issue it to his ship, or another ship in range 1-3 of him as his action.

Kurn is a soliud skill5 captain, that during combat lets you re-roll a battlestations when you defend, or if on a Klingon ship, 2 battlestations.  When you are cloaked you will be rolling 5 dice, so this native ability that does not cost you an action is very useful as you can use your battlestations from Gowron in offense, and Kurn as captain with his passive ability as defence.
 It comes with a nice selection of Tech cards.  Cloaked mines can be discarded in the activation phase (not using an action) to place a minefield token in range 1 of your ship, any enemy ships (your ships are fine) that move into range one take a hit of 3 attack dice, and do not get to roll any defence dice.  This is an excellent area denial weapon system.

Security Sensors give you an extra evade if an enemy upgrade targets your ship, a really handy passive ability tech.

Emergency power can be disabled during the activation phase if you have an auxiliary power token by your ship to allow you either pull a red manoeuvre surprising your enemy, or perform an action.  This card is nice and versatile, and has plenty of uses, its really a great set of tech cards in this ship.

Detonation codes is the elite talent for the pack, and as an action you get to detonate and remove a minefield token from play.  You can even use it on one of yours if you want to cause extra damage to your opponent, though its best used to clear the way from enemy minefields.

Photno torpedoes appear, with the time token mechanic, and a bonus for the Vor`cha class making them 6 dice attack weapons, pretty unpleasant that.

Bo`Rak is the only crew that comes in the pack, and he can be disabled when attacking to force the opponent to re-roll one defence dice of your choice, which can come into play when you just need that last damage through to destroy them, and he gives you that extra chance.  He also has a passive ability that lets you roll your full defence dice even if your opponent has a scan, so he's very versatile.
 As always you get the additional rule cards telling you how to use Admirals, and new rules like time tokens that are not covered in the main rulebook.

The mission, always one of favourite parts about the game is Detonation codes, a 2 player mission between Klingon and Federation.  Very much looking forward to trying it out.

 The ship itself is the same model as the core boxed Vor`cha, but in a metallic green like more of the other Klingon ships, its certainly a better paint job then the core one, but not quite up to some of the recent ones.  Luckily its got such great cards I will forgive it.
Like all the Star Trek Attack Wing ships, an ink wash will really enhance the detail that is already on the ship and make it look it much better.  Its a very easy process to do for even the most inexperienced painters.

Overall the pack is excellent, and a must have for Klingon players, Gowron is a top choice captain now, and the ship itself is powerful with some excellent upgrades.  Its going to be a pleasure to take this to the table and see what she can do.

Olivias thought......

Klingons are ok.... not as good as Romulans, but ok.... Wish I could use Gowron though he's awesome, but only if he was a Romulan, and a girl.  He's got scary eyes, he looks weird.  Let me get my warbirds out, see what this new one can do against my Romulans

You can pick one up by finding your local game store here with an RRP of £12.99 it will add a great ship and some much needed excellent  cards to your fleet, and of course crazy uncle Gowron to bring glory to the Empire and yourself.  Time for some Blood Wine!

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