Star Trek Attack Wing Scimitar unboxing

The Reman warbird Scimitar was a massive, heavily-armed warship. It was constructed under the command of Shinzon as part of a secret plot to overthrow the Romulan Senate, defeat the United Federation of Planets, and liberate the subjugated natives of Remus.
The Scimitar is a best of a ship in game as it should be, solid and powerful.... so lets see what comes in it.

 Shes a big ship, nearly filling the blister pack, and as always comes packed with all the tokens needed to play her.
 Not the most nimble ship, but fast! at a six forward she can outpace most ships, and has a 4 comeabout.  Looking at her stats she has a devastating attack, high hull, and average shields.  The named Rema warbird, the Scimitar has a passive ability that when you attack you can make an aux power to remain cloaked.  For Captains we have Shinzon.  Skill 9 makes him the equal of Picard.  For his ability you pay 4 points to take 4 elite talents that are kept face down until you choose to use one.  This provides massive tactical flexibility.  Viceroy allows you to look at an opponents movement dial twice a game before you move, making you able to position your self easily for the kill.  Lastly we have Hiren who is in captain and admiral form, for his action he allows yout o disable a crewman for plus one attack.
 For elite talents we get Full Stop, you can play it to hold position and not move at all, handy as a surprise.  We get Target weapon systems, so if you hit the enemy with a critical hit you can search for a weapon malfunction or munitions failure.  Brutal when used right as your enemy may not be able to fire back.  The last elite talent is Attack pattern Shinzon Theta. You can discard it o add extra hits. with the amount of firepower this ship has it makes it a scary proposition when used at the right time.  For weapons we get two choices, the Thalaron weapon, 10 attack, and it kills captains and crew... a brutal weapon.  We have photon torpedoes that are attack 5 but plus 2 for a reman warbird making them a 7.  Lastly we have the Reman Boarding party, that can disable enemy upgrades.
 We get 2 tech options secondary shields, which allows you to replace 3 destroyed shield tokens. and improved cloaking device which allows you to cloak even if you have no shields.  It comes with a card for the admiral rules, and the mission the Bassen Rift, another fun one to watch.
 Shes a predator
 and a very detailed model that a wash would finish up.
 There are details all over this model
I cant wait to try this beast out on the table! though I feel it will be used brutaly against me, as Romulans are Olivia's favourite.


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