Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing USS Enterprise E soverign class unboxing

The Sovereign-class was introduced during the early 2370s, and was, at the time, the most advanced starship design in the fleet, though not as large as the Galaxy class starship. The Sovereign-class USS Enterprise-E was built at the San Francisco Fleet Yards

The Sovereign class' first major engagements came in 2373, when the USS Enterprise saw action in the Borg incursion into Sector 001, and was instrumental in the destruction of the attacking cube. (Star Trek: First Contact)
While the Sovereign-class was not a key player in the Dominion War, such vessels as the Enterprise-E spent time during the war putting out diplomatic "brush fires" and extending the occasional olive branch, as the Federation Diplomatic Corps were busy attempting to put an end to the war. (Star Trek: Insurrection)
Sometime after the Enterprise's mission in the Briar Patch and before the engagement with the Reman warship Scimitar, a refitting of the Enterprise-E took place. The major changes included 5 additional torpedo tubes and 4 additional phaser arrays. A slight change in the warp nacelle pylons was also implemented. The Enterprise was able to deploy these new systems in 2379, prior to its mission to Romulus

Now it is a great looking ship, one of my favourites, so lets dive into the contents!

As always there are the tokens pegs dial etc, I am  sure you are bored of seeing them!

Down to the cards....

as you can see the Sovereign class is fast, faster then the galaxy, more manoeuvrable, which is still not much with this ship,  and packs a hefty punch with the named versions 5 attack! the named ability to fire a torpedoes without a target lock but suffer a stress is pretty good in my opinion, opens up some solid options.  As always, a generic captain, next up with have matthew Dougherty a bad guy from the film insurrection in captain and admiral form as well, he's not much use in captain form in my opinion, but the added captain skill in admiral mode is nice.  Lastly we have a new version of Picard.  captain skill 8 this time, so less powerful, but he adds a crew tech weapon, or another elite talent, your choice.  plus you pick an enemy race at the start of the game and he gets plus one attack and plus defence against all ships of that race.  Pretty solid!

Crew..... pretty hit and miss here to be honest, Deanna troi, disable a crew or captain as an action get a battlestations and decloak an enemy ship.  Its a discard.... I don't like discard crew much really, data, force an opponent to re roll his dice, another discard. no thanks.  Though could save your bacon in a pinch..... Beverly Crusher making her first appearance makes them a bit more useful as you can discard her instead giving you another round of using them, or disable her if its a disable action.  Riker is pretty solid to be honest, he adds a crew upgrade and after you move you can disable him to perform a crew captain or elite talent as a free action, so not too bad at all!  Gerodi is back in another variant, he adds a tech upgrade which is nice, and forces an enemy ship to roll two less defence dice and decloak, though he is an action and a disable making him less useful.  Riker I think is definitely the star of the show in the crew here.

We have 2 elite talents here, make it so, which you can discard to save disabling another card,  and fire at will which lets you fire your main weapons and a secondary weapon at -1 each attack but  must be fired against two different targets.  Very handy if you have an enemy in front and to the rear or side.  For tech we have advanced shields, costs an action each turn to get an extra shield token active, situational, useful with double action picard for sure.  Then e have the weapons, it comes with photon torpedoes  that give no bonus apart from a plus one if fired from a sovereign class ship. makes them a 6 attack weapon at range 3 though. nice.  Then we have Quantum torpedoes, you do not get the plus for the sovereign, but if you hit you add an extra hit to your total damage.  Finally the dorsal phaser array, provinding a 360 arc at range 1 or 2 to fed ships for variable cost, though it can only go on ships of hull 4 or more.  Its a good upgrade, and as you can see with the right combos you can make this ship a true dreadnaught fighting machine.

Now for the model.... I loved the actual ship,
 The paint job is not up to xwing standard, but by attack wing standard is not bad
and the model is great looking and very detailed so a nice wash or repaint would bring it right out.