Game of Thrones Westeros Intrigue card game Review

In my Christmas haul from my lovely wife was this little boxed game. It's designed by Reiner Knizia and made by Fantasy Flight Games.  It's a small box game, fast-playing and with simple rules.
 Typical high quality FFG production on the art and box.
So, whats in the box?

In all honesty not as much as I expected, a sheet of tokens a double-sided rules sheet and a deck of square cards.

The cards are nice quality cardstock with pictures from the series featuring lots of characters and broken up into four houses. Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, and Targayryen.

The idea of the game is simple, though it is lacking theme, it's really a colour matching game.
I shall give you a quick rundown of a 2 player game.  Each player gets randomly dealt 14 cards, then has to get rid of his hand taking it in turns to play a card.  It works in a pyramid format, you start with one card then the next player can place one next to it on either side, when there is at least 2 down you can place one above it so long it matches in colour one of them
As you can see here the rows are growing.
and it continues when a player can no longer place any cards he is eliminated.  The player who placed the last card draws one of the iron thrones cards keeping it secret

The amount of character cards left in players' hands are counted then are given tokens to represent it, so 2 cards is earns a 2 token and 5 is 5 and so on.

You play as many rounds as there are players and then total up your plus numbers from cards left in your hands, and your minus from your Iron Throne cards. player closest to 0 is winner. in the result of a tie the player with the least number of daggers is the winner.

Its simple and fun, though it does not really feel very Game of Thrones, just a random colour matching game. 

Does that mean is it bad though? No, with a little imagination it is like planning a route for houses through the maze of politics to the Iron Throne, plus the art and photos are lovely, so if you are a GoT fan then its well worth picking up for that, and a fun little game its with.  For general gamers, its a nice quick fire simple game that's worth a look, just do not expect much depth.


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