X-Wing TIE Phantom unboxing

The Imperial force get a boost to their power with the arrival of the TIE Phantom.

 With its stygium crystal cloaking device, deflector shields, and hyperdrive, the TIE Phantom is one of the most menacing starfighters in the galaxy!

So what comes in this box then? Let's have a look...

Of course all the tokens one comes to expect in the packs, plus a new reference card for a NEW action

The Phantom's party piece, Cloaking..... it gives the ship a large defensive boost, and when it uncloaks it gets to do a 2 forward or barrel roll before it moves, making it a hugely mobile ship.  This is a new action, and used right a very powerful one.

It includes 4 pilots as usual 2 named ones and 2 generic pilots.
The art on those cards are superb, really showing how menacing this ship looks.

It also includes 5 upgrade cards as normal to make your forces even more brutal.
Some of these in combination with the named Phantom pilots can make it very lethal and a scary prospect to go up against.  I still have no doubt Olivia will beat me though (There's only one way to find out!-Morgan).

I had to add some more pictures of this great looking ship.
 It's a well painted and detailed ship model.

I really can't wait to unleash this on the table and see how it plays.


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