Painted Warlord games ITALERI Bolt Action Plastic Cromwell Cruiser Tank final thoughts review

Well. brush met model, and I am very very happy with the results considering I am far from a  "painter". 

The choice of decals was impressive but in the end here sits "Havoc" in all her glory.  In 7th Armoured (Desert Rats) livery.
 Here are some more pics!

 Here she is with her bridge weight label, and you can see the decals showing the unit looking good.
 I've mounted an allied star to hopefully protect from errant "Friendly fire" incidents (If only that translated into the game...-Morgan). (Well actually..... it can do! air strikes for example, if you roll a one your opponent gets to choose the target..... plus of course imagine a friendly anti tank unit rolling a fubar result where they fire into the nearest friendly unit... mart)
 I love the look of the light on the side of the turret.
 Yes you can see my shower gel and mug in the background, yes I am a nerd (It's ok to admit, we're all friends here).
Looking mean and ready for battle on the tabletop she will no doubt add some great firepower and mobility to my British force.

It was an absolute treat to paint this model, and the wash brings out all the rivets nicely and gives her a nice used look.

She is not going to win painting awards, but from a few feet away at table top level I am very happy.

Go over here and grab one yourself she is a beauty.


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