Warlord Games Bolt Action Plastic Panzer IV AUSF. F1/G/H unboxing

Today we take a quick sneaky look inside the box of Warlord Games's newest plastic model to hit the market.

The Panzer IV, a mainstay of the German armoured formations and a workhorse from the wars start to end.

In this box you can make 3 different versions, the early/mid war F1, the mid/late G and H versions, plus options for Schurtzen and all sorts of other things too! Inside the box is.....

The double sided instruction sheet, showing lots of options for the 3 different models.
Yes I see a commander option!!! That was one of my issues with the Cromwell options and a commander model.  This kit has both of those things I wanted!
Decals again, I love the Warlord Decals, options for different regiments, SS and regular.
 The sprues are filled full of goodies on this 3 sprues of plastic joy!
Looks clean and I am glad to see it looks like the tracks follow the previous warlord models upper and lower style builds.

(Setting this thing up so you can get all three versions from one model will be tricky considering each version had their own color scheme! The F1 was early war in Africa, the G in the grey phase, and the H with its space-age-looking armoring had late war camo patterns. Warlord have pictures on their website, a good resource!-Morgan)

This is just a quick look as Morgan will be handling this build and paint, so this needs to be dispatched to the outer reaches of the empire for his building and painting (I'm much closer now than a few months ago!-Morgan). So keep an eye out for a treat coming from him! And in the meantime if you want to know more about the kit head over to Warlord Games and grab one.


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