Star Trek Attack Wing Starter Set unboxing

When I was sat watching some videos online with my daughter I came across some for Attack Wing.  It is similar in concept to FFG`s X-Wing game, as it uses the flightpath system. 

Being a Trek fan I looked at the videos, and Olivia said to me, "Dad! I know how to play that" with that being said I thought we should get it to add to our gaming fun.

So on Christmas day when I unwrapped this there was much excitement to be had! It was hard to resist ripping into it without getting the pictures to share with you guys! Anyway here we go.... [Where this blog has never gone before! Couldn't resist-Morgan]

As you can see its similar to the X-Wing starter set, 3 ships, although nice to see they are all different and iconic ships of the Star Trek universe.

As you can see the dials and flightpath are all familiar to X-Wing players, but how does it differ? I shall get into that in other articles as I get further into the game.
A huge stack of card and paper all sealed up are he first thing you come across when you open the box. Unsealing that little stack is a huge stack of good quality cardstock components.

Sooo many tokens to organise! ( I like organising tokens) [We need to get you a little organizer box-Morgan] {waaaayyy ahead of you check a future post for my solutions}
The captain tokens are nice as one of the differences of X-Wing and this is in X-Wing you buy the pilot that comes with a ship, like Luke in his X-Wing, a rookie X-Wing, an academy tie pilot and so on.  In Attack Wing, you buy the ship, THEN you buy the captain, you can have a generic captain for free, or spend out for the likes of Picard or Riker, or many others,
 Movement tokens, target lock tokens and other goodies.

 The objective tokens are great looking!
 More great looking objective tokens and a minefield token
 You do get an awful lot of card in this set.

 A glossy thick paper rule book and a quickstart guide.
Other bots in the box, the cards, damage deck, dice and ship bases.
In the bottom of the box is the rage ruler, a  6 movement template, 6??!! They don't go that fast in X-Wing! and an awesome looking planet.

Then of course the ships.....
 The Galaxy class ship is a classic, and was needed, yes it does include the Enterprise - D card and Picard of course.
 Not quite as nicely done as the X-Wing minis, but then a lot of people say that and state that are horrid, being honest they are not that bad at all, more then useable, a quick wash will make them look better, but they are better then I expected and I am pleased. [A pinwash might be best, with matte varnish to tie it all together-Morgan]
 Showing that classic shape.
 For the Klingon empire is the Vor`cha class cruiser
 Again not a top notch paint job but its ok, and again a wash will sort a lot out from tabletop view
 And finally one of my fav ships, the Romulan D`deridex Class Warbird. Again needs a wash, and also changing the colour of the warp nacelles to green! I love the shape of this ship.
And there is more in the box too, plenty of cards!
 The Federations cards include a generic Galaxy Class, and of course the Enterprise, a movement card showing all the possible manoeuvres the ship can perform, crew options like Worf or Data, weapon options and an elite talent for your captain if he can take it.
 The Romulans get a named ship, generic ship, generic captain, named captain, crew, and weapons options as well
Again similar for the Klingons. I will go into more depth about ship builds in other articles.

Initial thoughts? I like the fact that all the pictures are photos from the series or films, I like the cards that show what  manoeuvres the ship can perform.  I really like the amount you get in this box, the planet I a great touch missing from X-Wing, and the objective markers are superb making a change again from the asteroids.

Now I love X-Wing do not get me wrong, and we will continue to enjoy it, I do not look at these as the same game, this is a CAPITAL ship game for me, whilst Xwing is the nimble fighter combat.  I will enjoy both, and I can tell I am going to love this game!


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