New years greetings to all, and resolutions for the year ahead.

Well guys this is just a quick post to wish you all a great new year, may all the bad be washed away and the good start for you all.

The blog this year is already chock full of great articles to come, and fun gaming to have.
see... even Kirk is intrigued!
 Now as we sit on the first day of the new year we all making gaming resolutions, I shall share mine and you guys post yours up here too!

Now as I am sure all us gamers say, paint more, as in finish off my unpainted haul of toys, and of course share it with you guys, or knowing  get Morgan to paint my toys ;)
next to play more games, with my friends and of course Olivia, I do have a my first game of the new year booked in next week for an Xwing rematch with scot which will of course be battle reported.

Han and Chewie, cos well,they are Han and Chewie and my fav Star Wars characters.

So yeah play more, build more, blog more, and try and game more with family.

There are plenty of things to look forward to this year, interviews with game designers, morecontent for Witchfinder General, plus all sorts of fun articles and of course those on Olivia and my favourite games (which has had a new addition over xmas)

Well guys, once more thanks for sticking with us through the year, and stay with us through this one its going to be a cracker!

so sit back and enjoy the year guys.
I end this post with Picard, just because, he is simply my favourite Star Trek character.

We have contact emails on the about us page so get in touch with us! let us know what you like, what you don't like, or just to say hi.


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